Any more hurdles, but development keeps going on, says cm Kiran.

andhrapradesh chief minister kiran kumar reddyAndhra Pradesh gets a lot of hurdles to stop development in state for past two years, It may be coming for the next few years also. But my government promised to people as development is keep going, says cm Kiran Kumar Reddy on Independence day celebrations. Way is must be ethical, while the target is high. In politics also I believe this quotation, says chief minister. If you live for yourself, you remain as you only, if you live for people…, You live for centuries in people’s hearts. Which is quotations said by Ambedkar, the lines remembered by Kiran.

Some of highlights in chief minister’s independence day speech :

Providing water to 30lakh acres more agricultural land.

Conducting Indiramma bata for monitoring on welfare programs.

1.2 lakh government jobs filled by this year only.

777crores of rupees fund for the program Rajiv Yuva kiranalu

Cashless treatment for 8 lakhs government job holders and 6 lakhs pensionary families.

1500 crores fund for women’s development.

Conducting bio- diversity meet in October and world agriculture congress in November.

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