Rajnath sing appointed as new chief for Bharatiya Janata party, elected unanimously.

rajnath singh new chief of bjp

BJP got new chief. Mr. Rajnath Singh has been elected as president for Bharatiya Janatha Party. The formal announcement was made by the central election officer Gehlot at party headquarters, new Delhi. The BJP parliamentary Board was met yesterday had endorsed the candidature of Rajnath Sing and Yashwanth Sinha for party president. In last minute Rajnath sing wins the race and elected unanimous as president for the party. Mr.Advani said all senior leaders including sushma swaraj and arun jaitley were present and the resolution was unanimously accepted by party leaders. Rajnath sing was a former president of the BJP. He also served as chief minister for Uttar Pradesh, and surface transport minister in Vajpayee cabinet. After taking over as the BJP President, for a second time Mr. Rajnath Singh said, he accepts the position as a responsibility and would bring the BJP back to power. Now AndhraPradesh BJP leaders were very curious on party state chief. Some doubts are rounding on Kishan reddy second term president-ship.

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