Shocking results, Shacken parties. AAP creates history in Delhi

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Mindblowing Election Results. All Exit polls are underperformed. Aam Aadmi Party Creates a history in New Delhi. AAP achieved 65 seats out of 70. There is no opposition party in Delhi assembly. congress party situation is worst in history, The party did not get a single assembly seat. BJP stunned with Delhi voters verdict. Modi wave, Amith shah tactics not worked in Delhi. BJP gets only 3 seats, means lower than 5 percent. What political analysts analysing is

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What political analysts analysing is

  • Kiran Bedi entry just before an election is totally wrong.
  • Tax hike on Petrol, Diesel is totally disappointed. Flight fuel is cheaper than normal petrol. It sends wrong signals.
  • RSS and BJP cadre not happy with Kiran Bedi entry.
  • BJP overconfidence about success.
  • Aravind Kejriwal says sorry about his resignation, this sends positive feel about AAP.
  • BJP leaders arrogant speeches. (“Modi says that Delhi voters did wrong in 2013, make it correct in 2015.”- People Never wrong. If you feel like that, you are wrong. ).

Honesty plays major role in Elections than Caste, Region and Religion. Every time Congress expects minority vote. Those type of politics did not win congress party a single seat, even their party CM candidate. BJP CM candidate Kiran Bedi also lost. She contested from Krishna Nagar Assembly constitution, which is a Punjabi dominated area. Kiran Bedi is Punjabi native, but she lost. i.e means people not voted for region politics or religion politics.

District wise AndhraPradesh Election Results

District wise Telangana Election Results

So Politicians, Be aware. Region politics and Religion, caste politics are not working every time. Regional emotions, Caste feeling are works in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana Elections in 2014. But dont expect every time. This is just warning bell.

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