Times now, CNN IBN Exit poll surveys about Seemandhra and Telangana.

Exit poll surveys about Andhrapradesh
* Times Now exit poll result for Seemandhra: BJP and TDP 17, YSR Congress 8, Congress 0
*CNN IBN exit poll result : TDP-BJP to win in 11-14 seats with 43%vote share, YSR congress 11-14 seats with 40%votes share, congress – 0.

Exit poll survey results about Telangana
*Times Now exit poll result for Telangana: BJP and TDP – 2, TRS – 9, Congress – 4
* CNN IBN exit poll result : congress 3-5, TRS 8-12, TDP-BJP 2-4.

Exit polls Hungama raised. After completion of ninth stage polling, All News channels releasing their exit poll surveys.
*. CNN IBN says NDA to win 234 seats, UPA performs well in 94 seats.
* NDTV survey said NDA got 283 seats, UPA gets 92 and others gets 161 seats.
*ABP news estimated that NDA got 217 seats, UPA 93 seats, others got 172 seats.
* India news expected NDA gets 315 seats, UPA gets 80 seats and others have 148 seats.
*ZEE news estimates NDA gets 299 seats, UPA to win in 112 seats, and other performs better in 132 seats.
* Headlines Today says, NDA to win in 283 seats, UPA to win in 110 seats and other performs well in 153 seats.


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